2015 in Review

2015 went by so fast. But I guess it did because there wasn’t a lot to do. My plans were made in a haste and without all the basic information required. I will not be in a haste this time.

There are so many things I am thankful for, some good and some not so good. But in the end, regardless of everything, I am thankful.

  • I am thankful for the gift of life. I take this for granted at times, mostly because I go to sleep without a worry in the world. But a lot of people don’t get the opportunity to wake up after going to bed the night before. God has kept me and I am grateful.
  • I’m thankful for how God has kept my family and friends safe. I always ask God to keep everyone around me safe, and he has always done so. May this continue in 2016.
  • I’m thankful for the lessons I have learnt from the events of 2015. Even when I had to learn a lesson the hard way, I was shielded from the side effects. I won’t make the same mistakes, I’ll do things differently.
  • I’m thankful for the people who made a contribution to my life. I had to make some hard choices, and these choices had a negative impact  on some key people within my circle in some cases. I hope I find a way to make it up to them.

In 2016, I hope to be more deliberate in everything I do, make  bold decisions, explore more opportunities, and make God more prominent in my life. I also need to ask for help more, I’m terrible at that (I’m also terrible at keeping in touch with people). Loads of things to improve on this year.

This year, I am beginning with the end results in view. So that when the year comes to an end, I can tell myself “well done, keep up the good work”.

This year can only be better than the last. Anything else is unacceptable

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